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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Storm Approaches.

"Jizo" is a graffiti on the railroad bridge near Grant's trail.
Day four arrives and Happy New Years Eve to all. Did the Grant's trail route again Today and was happy to see more people out. I counted 22 people on the trail this time. I am sure Tomorrow there will be more even if the weather is bad being that it is the first day of the New year. The weather was a bit wet but nothing bad. Of course latter Today we had some bad storms. The tornado alarms went off but the news here on TV seem rather aware of that. I hope they are more cognizant if there is a nuclear attack and the sirens sound.

Anyway. The walk was good and I took some picture along the trail and the path I took to add to the blog. I figure a picture is always a nice thing to look at when reading the daily roll. In the past 4 days I have walked about 21.5 miles and my blood pressure and pulse seem to be doing well. I find out yesterday that the portable monitor that I have been using reads a bit high about 10 to 15 points I would say. Which is good because if I am within on that monitor my heart rate must really be doing good.

Today is a milestone. I reached the point that I used enough calories walking to burn up one pound of fat. Too bad I can't select which pound? Wouldn't that be funny? So I guess at 1 pound for four days I could look at 45 weeks to reach my goal. That isn't too bad I guess. Too bad I can have a routine like boot camp. I remember some fat guys when we started out looking like a totally different person after two months. One guy had to have his uniforms changed three times before we got done he lost that much weight.

Keep on pushing forward.

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