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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Today’s Special Guest and Real Progress

Cheryl decided to walk with me Today in the cold.
Today with us we have a special guest all the way from Chicago, Cheryl Ninemire. Cheryl comes down to visit every now and then since we are dating and this time she got to join me on the walk this morning in the 14ºF. She got in about 2:15am this morning too so we didn't take a lot of sleep time before we got up to walk. Since it was so cold I wore an extra sweatshirt. I didn't wear long johns yet but if the temperature keeps this low for long I am going to have to get some.

Cheryl decided to come on the walk with me. Since it was so cold I gave her a fleece shirt to wear. She said by the time we had got to about 3 miles that she was really getting hot. That is what working out in the cold will do for you.

Walking down Grant's Trail this morning, Cheryl took this.
Some highlights from the walk include the distance at 11,140 steps which comes to 5.57 miles. I have totaled 62 miles so far in the past 12 days and I am at 270 pounds. Also the walk includes about 100 to 110 feet in elevation change over the course. Most of this is off Grant's Trail. That is an extra cardio workout. Like I was telling Cheryl, It may be good for the heart but I still got to get home.

The best news is the tangible results I have to reports. As many of us have in our closets, I have shirts that are just a bit too small for me. Somehow they shrank. Well I tried a few on and they are growing! Seems that about six or more shirts have magically grew bigger over the past couple of weeks. There are still a few that are tight but I can at least fir into them. It is like getting some new clothes. At least that is what Cheryl said.

Like magic, this shirt has grown since I last tried it on.
I am going to take Sunday off and spend it with Cheryl but Monday I will have some new milestones to look forward to like with total calories used and percentage pounds lost. I hope to have more good news then.

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