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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Goal Already Underway

A section of Grant's Trail looking west toward Tesson Ferry Rd.
The temperature was a bit colder than yesterday. According to the the temperature was 25ยบF at about 11:00 this morning. The walk sure started out cold though. It seemed even colder to me than the second day I went. I think that was because there was more wind and no snow to insulate us more. But after the first section I was warm enough that it didn't matter than much. That is the main deal it isn't so much how you start but how you finish.

So the number of steps from where I begin at Musick to when I get home must be really close to 8850 steps. Because the past two days I hit that number almost exactly. Soon I am going to go on down to the fitness trail office on Reavis Barracks. That should add almost two more miles to the trip. Eventually I want to go from Musick to the end of Grant's Trail and walk back on Union to home. That should about double my current walking trail. But I may wait until I am back to jogging at that time because that will take a bit of time too.

Future plans include walking to Reavis.
Happy New Year to all. I did see about 12 people out this morning and for as cold as it was that seems pretty good. We will see how it goes over the next few days. Oddly enough our of the 12 I would say 6 were fat men like me. So maybe they are starting the new year out right. The real measure will be if they make it to DEC 31, 2011. I sure hope that I do.

Also on the trail I saw a cardinal. A bright read one. He looked like he was looking for some food. But he had a nice red beak and very red markings for his feathers. I wish I could have taken a picture but it was a nice thing to see for my first walk of the year. GO CARDINALS!

A few stats, I have gotten over 25 miles so far. I am averaging more than 10000 steps per day. My BP was 139/89 which was a bit higher but I was having some trouble with my phone so that could get my pressure going for sure. And my pulse was a good 76. I think this is a good way to begin the New year right. However I did notice at the beginning of the walk my shins were a bit painful but I am thinking that is due to the cold because I don't walk faster than I normally do.The hardest part, of course, to losing weight is the slow long process of actually doing it. The results seem to take forever even after all the effort you have put out. That is one of the main reasons that I want to use this blog as a tool to help me keep going and maybe a source to encourage others to keep going as well. 

Again, Happy 2011 everyone.


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