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Friday, January 14, 2011

As the Trail Clears

The trail is starting to clear off in spots. Should be good by Monday.
Today was the warmest day all week. It was a balmy 28ºF when I started the walk. With the sun being out yesterday more of the trail got cleared off from the greenhouse effect. Plus the number of footprints on the trail now has really increased. I have a feeling that the trail will be clear by this weekend. We only had four people on the Grant's Trail Today.

I was glad to see the warmer temperature. I didn't have to wear as many layers Today. If the morning temperature ever gets up to the 40ºF I might actually just wear my shorts and t-shirt. What does the “t” in t-shirt mean anyway?


Not sure much grilling is done in Jan.
I got my first contact for a website review: This one is a new shopping website that I haven't heard of before so I was surprised how nice it looked. It seems to be well organized with the categories listed on the left. They wanted me to look at three items and the first one is here: The grills look nice but a bit out of my price range. Price range is dependent on features and range, [get it range], from $300 to over $2000 in price.

Also this site: If you have a thing for poka dotted dishes this is a good place to get your set.

I didn't find purple, so I made it.
And finally: This is a great place to find useful and unique cork stoppers and other items for the wine connoisseur. 

Fancy wine stoppers
Another good thing is that they have free shipping for most of these places. I like that. But it requires a minimum purchase to get it. But the shipping information is easy to find and the shopping is easy to do on line. I would assume you could have it ship to another address if you wanted to send it as a gift too. Take a lot. You might be pleasantly surprised like I was. 



Well back to fun, I did 11,904 steps Today. I thought I would be over 12,000 since I walked through the parking lot at Union and Reavis BRKS. But that did put me over. But just walking around the house will get that extra number of steps to total over 6 miles. Plus I have some errands to do Today So I should easily beat that.

Cheryl and I near Buckingham Fountain last July.
On my Nike + tracker I finished with Rio and I am starting Sydney, AUS. When I finished Rio it said that I was number 14 on their leader board for my time through the city. No too shabby I think. It would be funny if one of the cities that they have on here is St. Louis. I wonder what path they would do for it. Plus I am going to be in Chicago for a few days visiting Cheryl so I will have the Lake Shore Trail to walk on next week. I am sure I will be near the Buckingham Fountain several times too. I wonder if the water will be on at that time? I am anxious to see how well I do on that. I will be sure to take some pictures from there so you can see what I see too.

I am happy to say that my blood pressure is slowly moving lower not to where I want it yet but at least it is going the right direction. My pulse is staying strong and moving down too. Since my scale is broke I don't know what my weight is. But when I go up to Chicago and visit Cheryl she will let me use hers, so I should get a more accurate reading. [Darn it]

The big highlight for Today is reaching 91.6 miles and that brings me to 5.23% of my goal of 1750 miles. I also feel my muscle getting tighter around my arms and legs. This morning my left shin was hurting a little bit but by the time I am writing this it feels fine now. I think part of it is just having to keep warm.

Well thanks to everyone that is reading again, I appreciate your support.


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