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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back North on Clark Street

Two cool cats at the zoo.
This morning after I walked with Cheryl to work I went north and east from her office to the Lincoln Park Zoo. I didn't bother going to the zoo itself since it was so cold but I did at least walk in the park around it. There was also a memorial to the last survivor of the Boston Tea Party in the park too. I thought that was quite interesting. It said he dies in 1852 and lived to be 115 years old. That was pretty old for back then. This was 79 years after the actual event. Another plaque at the site stated that the man's age was in question but he still could have been at the site when it happened regardless. You can look up more about him on any search engine. His name was David Kennison.

A real Tea Party Patriot.
But before I made my way all the way up to Lincoln Park I was walking down Grand St. and passed a Telsa car dealership. The Telsa is an all electric sports car. There were several of them in the showroom but it was closed at the time so I just took a pictures from the window. They looked rather nice. I would have liked to been able to look at one close up. I understand that they drive pretty fast as well.
A fast and quiet car.

The temperature was good Today. I think it was at 24ยบF. There wasn't that much wind this morning during the walk either. I did almost nine miles this morning and I still and three miles short of the ten percent of the goal mark. Of course that will be 175 miles.

The average for the days I walk in distance is more then six miles. Counting the Sundays also I am averaging about 10.5 miles per day. So at this current pace I have about 150 more days before I reach my goal. That would take me to sometime in June. Plenty of time to be ready for my next birthday.

I used to do this.
Also, while walking downtown I saw a line up of live trucks near city hall. I would guess that they were there due to the deal with Rahm Emanuel. I am sure he and his team are working hard to get the ruling overturned so he can get on the ballet. Personally I think he should be able to run. I had to deal with a similar situation when I came back from the Gulf War when I wanted to attend Kansas State University. I had to prove that I was a resident of Kansas. So while I can't vote on way or another but I can sympathize with his situation.

Hu is in Chinatown?
Around the corner from the Live trucks on the lamp posts were some of the banners that were hung up for the President of China. I stuck out to me because there was an American and China flag right next to each other. Not something that is seen so much. But the welcome sign was in English on one side and some Chinese language on the other side of the pole.I wonder in China if they have American towns like we do here?

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