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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Making Goals, Reaching Goals

Will I get an acoustic guitar kit?
I decided on this last walk that other than all the good reasons that I am walking that it might be good to set smaller more tangible goals as well along the way. What I was thinking is that maybe every successful month I stick to the plan I reward myself with something special. While I haven't taken the time to work out all the details yet I think the first reward I want to get is a guitar. I have been wanting one for quite awhile and think that this would be a suitable accomplishment to get one. Nothing fancy just a six string acoustic one would be fine. Something like you can get at Target or used at a pawn shop.

Or will it be an electric guitar?
I figure that would be a good plan. I will work on what steps on levels I should reach for any reward. I think reaching 250 pounds should be at least the first one. That would be 40 pounds from when I began. The main issue with losing weight is that it is hard to see the results yourself. That is one reason why I am using the BP tracker to help me see what progress I am making. Tomorrow I will reach the second pound of calories used up. I am currently at 6914 so just 86 more steps to break 7000 which is equal to the second pound of work done.

I tried to take a picture of the Trailnet office but for some reason it didn't take. Of course I was using gloves so I might not have hit the button right. It is hard to operate the camera phone with gloves on. But I did get a picture of the KMOV transmitter. Plus I took a picture of a little seating area near the Trailnet. It is near the office. I think they might use that for educational programs. Another thing I saw on the walk Today was several cardinals and blue jays. They must be getting ready for Spring training.

KMOV transmitter in South County.
I saw 18 people on the trail Today. In two groups I saw 10 people so without a group there were 8 people. Still the trail users are skewing toward older men. I rarely see anyone under 30 on the trail. Maybe later in the day is when they run or walk. I don't count the St. Louis County Parks employees I see on the trail. I figure they are working so they don't have a choice to be there. I have been seeing a county truck about every other day. They always have been near Clydesdale Park on the trail when I have seen them.

That reminds me. If and or when I begin going further on the trail I will be going past the Clydesdale at Grant's Farm. They are really cool to see. They are well taken care off too. I am not sure if they are out at this time of year but they sure are in the spring, summer and fall.

Take care and keep on truckin'.


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