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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cold Day, More People

Trail intersection at Gravois Rd. Near Grant's farm.
Today was a bit cold. On the first part of Grant's Trail there were not that many people. It didn't seem like many people were out until after 9:00am. But totally I saw eighteen people on the trail. This includes two little toddles that were in strollers so I wasn't sure if I was going to count them or not. I decided to in the end. So based upon that there was sixteen since the kids were just sitting for the ride.

The walk was a long one I am going to Reavis now. It doesn't seem to add that much more time. But I like having the additional distance. Plus I get to avoid the hill I was going up on Union. But it is good to have that option when I need it. The walk in Grant's Trail is so much more serene than when I am walking on the road. A swear most of the people driving are on their phones.

I decided that I like walking in the cold. I am hot normally so the cold helps me keep cool when I am sweating as I walk. I have sweated everyday through my shirts everyday no matter the temperature. Plus the cold means that I am using up more calories to keep myself warm. I think it was 29ยบF this morning while I was on the trail.
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My blood pressure was 129/85 after the walk. That is pretty good. With this BP monitor reading high. It makes me feel like I am really making a positive change in my heart health. After all that is what it is really about. Well that plus losing all this weight.

Update on some of my stats: BP average; 136/86, pulse; 76.33, steps per day; 10787, miles per day 5.4, calories per day; 863kcal. I hope everyone is keeping up the work. I would love to put some of your stories here if you would want to share them with others. Or if you have a blog too I could put a link to your blog.

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