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Monday, January 24, 2011

Sox it to Me.

At least one team here can win the World Series with in a century.

Today I did the White Sox journey to U.S. Cellular Field in south Chicago. So with this I have now reached all of the sports venues in Chicago. I may go back to Solider Field to actually walk around it soon. The temperature was a nice 20ยบF so I wasn't too cold Today. The walk was really long though. I did finally pass over I-55 on my way south. I also passed by an Italian Social Club that was “members only.” Seems like a rather cozy set up if you ask me. But there were a lot of Chinese or Asian looking people down there too. I even saw a private school for the Asians. I thought that was odd. I guess anyone could use it but the ads were in a language that looked Chinese to me.

Pick a bed. South of Dominick's

I have some great news, my blood pressure is the lowest it has been since I started keeping track. It was 112/79 so that is awesome work in just about a month. When I first started doing this is was 160/98. which that is way to high. Even though the actual weight loss is slow going I am glad that I am keeping track so I can tell what the difference is in my goals. Today I walked almost 10 miles. Tomorrow I shall reach ten percent of my goal distance I think.

I have noticed that the unsightly way you gain weight is pretty much the same way you lose it. But that is all part of the fitness and weight loss journey. That is why I prefer to call this a journey instead of a plan. I want it to seem like something that I am on and learning from and enjoy to do.

Yesterday was Sunday so I didn't do any extra walking. But I did go to Libertyville to watch the Bears and Packers play at my Dad's home with Cheryl. Sadly it seemed that the interception by B. J. Raji was the play that dashed the hopes of the Bears fans. So it looks to be the Steelers and Packers in the Super Bowl. That should be a good match up. I hope it is the Rams and someone next year.

Members Only
My progress on my weight continues it slow and steady pace. I almost have the first month done and then I will give some updated totals. It will good to have some comparison data but that really will not come until March. The reason for that is because February is a short month and it will not be until March that I will have more then 60 days data to see the progress trends.

Keep on track,


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