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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shorter Walk, More Wind

Ever feel that you're in a meat market?
Today it was not as cold as it has been before but the wind was really blowing hard. Because of this I took my shortest walk in a long time. But even that was just under five miles. After I walked with Cheryl to her office I stopped by a couple of meat markets that are in the area and got some pork chops and a couple of steaks. The prices seemed rather good but I didn't have a comparison. But they could have been twice the regular price for all I know.

Where the Great Chicago Fire Started in 1871.
I walked past the University of Illinois at Chicago to Roosevelt and back to the apartment. On the way I walked past the Chicago Fire Academy where the 1871 Chicago fire started. I guess they wanted to make sure that the location would be a safe place to never burn down the city again in the future. They have a small museum there plus they have memorials to fallen firefighter in the line of duty.

Today marks the fifth consecutive day of my blood pressure being under the recommended levels. In addition to this the average for January is almost within proper levels. This is really good news. This is going to be a short blog since I had to make up for yesterday's blog.

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